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Avanti is an Italian word that may seem relatively insignificant—the dictionary translation is “ahead.” However, like many things, its meaning changes in context. Avanti means “forward” as in “move forward.” Avanti is also the word that people use to say “come in” when someone has knocked on the door. In addition, Avanti is used to encourage people to not give up. When I think of the therapeutic process that my clients and I undertake, I see them wanting to move forward. I see myself asking them into our space. And I encourage them to not give up. This is why Avanti Counseling Services may be the right choice for you.

The logo of Avanti Counseling Services is an artistic rendering of a beech tree. While trees are often symbols of growth, roots, and the changing seasons, the beech holds special meaning. In many faiths and belief systems, the beech is associated with tolerance, knowledge, and softening criticism. These words are of particular importance during the counseling process: I help people move toward and through self-tolerance to self-appreciation, from confusion to knowledge, and from self-judgment to self-compassion.


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